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Gordon X. Graham, Founder & Chief Operating Officer

In addition to being the author of the 2017 and 2020 Amazon bestselling Heroin(e) : Entropy and Heroin(e) : Hermetic novels, Gordon X. Graham is the Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Entropy Media. As well as being an accomplished novelist, Gordon is a video game designer, TV & film director, TV & film script writer, and an entertainment executive producer.

Gordon oversees EM’s day to day operations, and is responsible for adding to EM’s growing library of evolving intellectual property. Gordon has currently published over 1000 pages of original literature. His third novel, Heroin(e) : Out of Body, will be released in 2023.

Gordon is an alumnus of New York University and the University of Maryland. At NYU and Maryland Gordon majored in film and political science, and was a standout wing on Maryland’s varsity Rugby team. He is 6'6, a pescatarian, and a fitness and yoga addict.

Gordon is also a chess enthusiast - his favorite player is José Raúl Capablanca - and is a talented player himself, ranked one level below that of a grandmaster.

When not reading, writing or playing chess, Gordon also manages Entropy Media. Entropy Media is a software and television production company dedicated to producing visual art, centralized around real-world science fiction and political suspense.

Gordon currently lives in New York City, but one day wants to move to a less urban area to achieve his dream of owning a Doberman Pinscher. 


Bernard Bourret, Senior Consultant  


Entropy Media's Senior Consultant is Bernard Bourret. A senior producer and industry executive, Bernard has managed, line produced and overseen over 375 hours of broadcast television series, MOW’s and feature films shot across Canada, in LA and in Europe.

Bernard has served as Vice President and Head of Production for Blueprint (now E-One), Motion International, Knightscove and Verite Films where he has developed production business models for international co-productions and co-ventures. 4 of the last 5 pilots Bernard has produced were ordered to series.

Bernard is an expert at preparing production schedules, budgets, cash-flow and all financial information required to trigger financing. He is fully conversant with the United States and Canadian tax credit system. Bernard has personal relationships with Canadian banks, gap lenders, insurance brokers, guarantors, production crews and service providers across Canada. He is a Director[s Guild of Canada & Academy Member, and based in Toronto. 


Joseph Lanius, Senior Legal Consultant 

​Entropy Media is represented by Joseph Lanius, founding partner at Lanius Law & Associates.  Joseph is a seasoned entertainment specialist based in Los Angeles. He has done production legal for many films with A-list actors, and has many connections throughout the entertainment industry. 


Lanius Law's list of clients include financiers, producers, production companies, sales agents as well as creatives in the entertainment industry.


Joseph provides legal services for independent motion pictures and television projects. However the services can extend beyond legal matters. He has expertise in advising and structuring the financing for a project between a combination of debt and equity components. Joseph is based in Los Angeles.